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The Great Ring

The Mechanus ArchiveEdit

This wiki is dedicated to the shared Dungeons & Dragons multiverse currently populated by the campaigns Planeswatch and Flock (including the side-adventure Flock: 11th Hour), as well as the previous adventures Firebird and Pantheon. In-world information is presented here on settings, player characters, NPCs, and other miscellaneous subjects.

The MultiverseEdit

Between the peaceable kingdoms of Arcadia and the infernal battlefield of Acheron exists the clockwork plane of Mechanus – a plane of law and order, ruled over in wisdom and strength by the god of just retribution, St. Cuthbert. It is in this plane’s deep, cog-riddled underbelly that the Planar Archive is kept, in the massive gear city of Regulus, where the souls of the lawful keep record of the vast, central plane that Mechanus – like all other Outer Planes – looks inward to: Prime Material the “real world.” Every planet in its reaches has a file somewhere in the Archive’s endless halls, every nation on that planet a sub-file, every city, village, and person their own subheads within that sub-file.

A particular file lies open, left out on a desk as though deliberately missed by the modron clerks...

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